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Benefits of brushing your hair regularly

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 I always knew the benefits of brushing my hair and the importance of it in keeping my locks looking healthy. As mentioned in my last post here, I never use to brush my hair as I was afraid of my hair breaking. Now that I have a brush that I love (and not afraid of using for that matter) I can honestly say I now love brushing my hair. For those who don't really know the benefits and the importance of brushing your hair, then keep reading.

{1} Choose the right brush for your hair type- Those with finer hair would need a brush that is more gentle on the hair while those who have thicker and coarser hair would need a stronger brush or a blend of synthetic and natural fibers.

{2} Brushing your hair stimulates micro-circulation and therefore relaxes your scalp- It also removes any impurities it has accumulated during the day. Brushing your hair is also a way of adding life and volume as long as you brush it properly.

{3} Never untangle or brush your hair when your hair is wet- Well let's face it, we all tend to comb our hair when we first get out of the shower, I know I do but our hair is very flexible when damp, and brushing it can make it break. A wide tooth comb is a great option to prevent breakage. To untangle your hair without causing any damage, make sure you start combing gently at the ends of the hair and work your way up.

{4} Brushing your hair regularly can make your hair appear more shiny- Combing your hair properly can activate the natural oils secreted by the hair oil glands and as you brush your hair the oils are being distributed from the root to the ends of the hair.

{5} Brush your hair less not more- Brushing your hair with vigorous, powerful strokes damages it. Keep brushing and styling to a minimum.

{6} Wait until your hair is almost dry before using a brush to style it-  It is simply easier to style slightly damp hair than it is wet and it is less damaging as well.

{7} It removes accumulated dirt and sebum-  If you think about it, we apply a lot of products (chemicals) to our hair and it often remains in our hair causing it to feel rough and hard to detangle. Combing regularly can make sure locks are free from deposits and it stimulates hormone secretion. This makes you hair grow properly.

Make Your Hairbrush Last!
There are a lot of different priced brushes out there while some being really expensive. Expensive or not why not take care of it as long as you can? Do this by regularly removing all of the hair that gets stuck in the brush and clean it once a month with warm water and a small amount of shampoo (baby shampoo is a great option). 

The following products below are some amazing brushes/combs and shampoo's/conditioners that I highly recommend and they are also some products that I currently use as well!


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  2. Thank you for the tips! I love brushing my hair, it makes it easier for me to style it.


  3. I love trying out different brushes depending on how I want to style my hair that day. Great post!

  4. Loved this post! Def learned a few things! I have a brush obsession, so I cannot wait to find a great one for my thick hair!
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  5. I just found your blog and love it! Great post! I got a natural wooden pin massage brush and love it!

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  10. I definitely need a new brush. Mine is several years old. I never brush my hair after washing it because it hurts so bad! I've always been really tender headed...


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