Monday, May 27, 2013

Weekend snapshots

Happy Monday!
Guess what? The Bachelorette starts tonight! Whoop Whoop :)

I hope everyone had a great weekend and a long weekend for those who live in the US. I had my long weekend last week! I really wish we could have a lot more of these 3 day long weekends don't you? 

 My boyfriend and I decided to take the roofs off and go for a long drive on Sunday which we always love to do. We love going on road trips and not knowing where we are going to end up. To us those are the best drives.

While on our drive I had to pick up one of my favorite summer drinks which is an Iced Coffee {with milk} from Tim Hortons. It was so yummy!!

There was a Robins nest in one of the the bushes in the front of my house. Finally they are out and ready to fly away.
They are so cute...

This little guy was my favorite. Look at those little white hairs on his head, he was too cute..

Lately I have been obsessed with Baileys and Vanilla Ice Cream as a dessert. I normally put one to two tablespoons over my ice cream or maybe three or four, who's actually counting anyways?
YOU MUST try it!

After getting to the movies 20 minutes early and finding out the movie was completely sold out and then waiting another hour until the next movie, we finally saw Hangover Part III!!
It was flipping hilarious!!!

What did everyone do over the weekend?
 Have a lovely day!

Sincerely Miss Ash


  1. Oh wow,can't believe you got such a great picture of the baby robbins, nice job!

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  2. sounds like such a fun weekend! I heard mixed things about hangover so glad to hear it was funny! we saw star trek -- husband's pick! -- though I was majorly pleasantly surprised. Good plot line and let me tell you that there are worse things in the world than staring at chris pine on a huge screen for two hours. :)


  3. Sounds like a great weekend! Glad you had fun! Hugs from Cali! xx The Golden Girls

  4. hangover 3 and bailey's? you look like my kinda girl! cute blog!


    Style Sarah

  5. cute snaps! cant wait for Hangover 3!

    love from San Francisco,

  6. We love taking little drives in our Jeep on pretty days....there is something about the wind blowing in your face and your hair going wild!! :) Glad you had a nice weekend, pretty lady!!

  7. Wow I have to see that movie. I meant to do that this weekend and I didn't have the time. Thanks for sharing all these great pictures.

    If you get a sec, check out my latest post Dazzling in Silver'. I think you'll love this new skirt I bought this weekend. Thank you.


  8. OMG I have not watched the bachelorette in ages... My TV is monopolized by the Giants games lol
    How cute are you in the fedora! LOVE that you guys could take the roofs off and had beautiful weather-so jealous our weekend was a bit gloomy!

    We had a birds nest at my Dads last Spring and it was mesmerizing to watch the parents come in and feed and then take off then to see the little ones finally fly away was almost sad as we all missed them. LOVE the little guy with white hairs and the other one that looks like it has worms in its mouth ;]

    And that dessert looks decadent... Heavenly! And cannot wait to see Hangover 3

    What a fun weekend you had!!!!!

    The Parlor Girl

  9. Sounds like you had a great weekend! I want to see Hangover 3 so note to self go really early! LOL xo


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