Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Hey Everyone!

I want to share a beauty product that I fell in love with all over again. Before I tell you why this product is a "new fave" in my beauty routine, I have have used this product on and off throughout the years until I recently discovered why it had to be back in my life again.

Over the last two years, I have really sat down and examined my skin on exactly what skin type I really have and purchase products based on my skin's needs and what I want out of my skin. I love hydrated skin (I mean, who doesn't?) and dewy skin is my absolute favourite on myself and on others. I can't stand a complete makeup look with a matte finish with no luminosity to it. Please don't get me wrong, I love the look on other people and it can look absolutely beautiful but on myself I just don't like it.
{FYI... I have normal to combination skin}

Which now brings me to MAC Prep + Prime Fix + 

I know this isn't a new product on the market but did you know there are a lot of skin benefiting ingredients in it? It's not just your average "finishing spray" but you can use this anytime of day whether you have makeup on or not as a "skin refresher."  I am really careful on what I put on my skin and I find myself reading the ingredients on all products before deciding whether I want to purchase it or not. 

If you are someone that has oily skin and doesn't like a luminous/dewy finish then you may not want to use this as a "finishing spray" but instead, spritz your face a few times before putting your foundation or primer on. This will allow you to get the skin benefiting ingredients on first before adding your makeup.

If you are like me and you love a dewy makeup look, this will deliver just that. Trust me when I say it won't look greasy because it wont but your face will have a natural glow to it. You know sometimes when your finished putting your makeup on and your face looks a little powdery? Well, spritz a few sprays of this on your face and it will be gone for good!

I like to use it two ways! Once my makeup is finished I hold the bottle about 12" away from my face {while keeping my eyes and mouth closed} I spritz this all over my face and my neck. Open your eyes as soon as your done and let it dry. This wont take long..

The other way I like to use this is before my makeup and throughout the day for a quick refresher and to wake myself up a little bit. It's nice to do it at work to give some freshness back into your skin and I love to use it after working out as well until I can get home to wash my face.

The smell of this Fix + is very mild but refreshing and quite nice.

Here are the skin benefiting ingredients:
- Cucumber Extract (Soothing, hydrating and depuffing)
- Chamomilla Extraxt (Great for calming the skin)
- Camellia Leaf Extract (Green Tea Extract)
- Caffeine 
- Arginine (Helps improve circulation)

There are new Mac Prep + Prime Fix + scents also. I haven't tried them yet but the rose sounds appealing and it's very hydrating.

Coconut, Rose & Lavender