Tuesday, August 28, 2018


As most of you all know, I have been using the Fanola No Yellow Shampoo for about a year now to eliminate brass and unwanted yellow tones in my hair. It's one of the most asked questions that I get is what do I use and what product really works. 

Fanola's regular No Yellow Shampoo line has a pH level of 5.0/ 5.2 This means the "potential hydrogen" measurement of how acidic or alkaline the substance is. Between 0- 6.9 is acidic, neutral is 7 and 7.1-14 is alkaline. I didn't know what all this meant until I researched it but the higher the pH number the stronger and more potent it is. 

It's truly the best purple shampoo that I have used that actually works to eliminate yellow tones. It is very pigmented with a deep and I mean, DEEP purple hue (the deeper the purple the better) that really removes that stubborn brass on blonde or grey hair.

How it works:
- You want to apply it to wet hair 
- Make sure you saturate your hair so the shampoo is all over evenly
- Depending on how brassy your hair is you may want to leave it on longer than what the bottle says. 

FYI: The bottle says to leave it on for 1-5 minutes but what I personally do is I leave it on while a shave my legs and wash my body and at this point it's probably 5-6 minutes in and then I rinse it out followed by a conditioner.

- BE CAREFUL.  Like I mentioned above, this shampoo is very pigmented and your hair may lift quicker than what is does on other people, so your first time you may want to do less minutes and then gradually go longer. Nothing "bad" is going to happen to your hair other than your hair will turn purple which isn't a big deal. This happens to me sometimes and I will have the odd purple strands in my hair but I think it looks kinda cool and it washes out the next time you wash you hair so no biggy.

-Also, make sure you wash your hands right away after apply it to your hair. My hands turn purple all the time and if you have dry hands it will stain those dry areas and it's a little harder to come off. You could always use gloves if you don't want this to happen.


Not long ago, Fanola came out with their "Vegan" No Yellow Shampoo line that has a pH of 5.0/ 5.5 and their No Yellow Mask with a pH of 3.3/ 3.7 This shampoo and mask is formulated without Sulphates, Parabens or Silicons which is always something that I look for in all products. I knew I had to try these two out and give them a go and see how different they performed compared to the original No Yellow Shampoo. 

First off, the smell of these two products smell so nice and I actually like it a lot better than the original No Yellow Shampoo (I still don't mind the smell of it either). I am not sure what it is, it's almost like a sweeter candy scent but it's not as strong and floral smelling as the original one.

The first time I used the vegan shampoo I used it no differently than the way I used the original. Meaning, I still applied to wet hair, made sure I distributed it all over my hair and I still had it sit on my hair for the 5-6 minutes. I didn't use the mask along with the shampoo for the first time as I wanted to see how different the two shampoo's performed. The result of the two were different. 

The vegan was actually more potent and worked a lot quicker than the original. This makes total sense because of the pH levels. The original was 5.0/ 5.2 and the vegan is 5.0/ 5.5 making the vegan stronger.

I definitely came out of the shower with purple strands in certain areas but the other blonde areas were more crisp and ashy which is what I am looking for. There was no brass left in my hair what so ever and I found it to perform better than the original No Yellow Shampoo. Basically, I don't have to leave it on as long so the 1-3 minute is all I really need to achieve the tone I am looking for. 


The Fanola No Yellow Mask has a pH level of 3.3 / 3.7 making the potency not as strong. You will also notice that the colour of it isn't as dark purple as the shampoo is either.

Using the mask is great when your hair is super brassy and you need to bring the life back to your hair. I am pretty consistent on using the purple shampoo so my hair doesn't really get a chance to go too brassy but if I were to take a break from it and wash my hair with regular shampoo then I would need to use both to get my hair back to that ashy tone that I like. 

How it works:
- Apply this to towel dried hair
- Saturate all of you hair
(For better results, comb the mask through your hair for an even application)
- Leave it in for 3-5 minutes or as long as you would like
- Rinse and you are finished

There is no need to go in with a conditioner afterwards as this is like a deep conditioning toning mask that will hydrate your hair also. 

Personally you can't go wrong with either the original No Yellow Shampoo or the Vegan No Yellow Shampoo. It's really a personal preference but I enjoyed the Vegan line better as it performed quicker and the fact that it is Paraben, Sulphate and Silicon free is an extra bonus that I love.