Thursday, May 2, 2013

VS Dress Obsession...

There is something about Victoria's Secret dresses that I absolutely love. I mean they have the cutest, classiest and sexiest dresses ever. What isn't there to love about VS dresses? I must admit, I absolutely hate how they don't sell their clothing in their stores. Like why not Victoria's Secret? It is extremely annoying when you order an item and it doesn't fit and you have to pay the shipping twice!! ughh.. BUT I love their clothing enough to deal with it.

Anyways, these are some "KEY WORD" here people "SOME" as this post would be ridiculously long if I were to put ALL the dresses that I love and want!
Victoria's Secret Dress Obsession!


 ┬áColorblock V-neck Dress 
Ok so I am going to stop here as I don't want to get too carried away lol!! 
I have a couple of dresses from VS and they are honestly the best quality and I always get the nicest compliments when I wear them. I need to definitely buy some of these dresses in the up coming months!!

That is all for today ladies!! 
Have a fabulous day...

 Sincerely Miss Ash



  1. you are so right!! they're dresses are obsession worthy. I love so many of these. so effortless and chic all at the same time.
    unfortunately though i'm leaving for puerto today and wishing i had these in my bag! haha


  2. I love their dresses too! What great picks you chose. Aren't you so eager for Summer....... I love the Yellow Terry Taftan perfect for pool or beach!

    Happy Thurs Girl!!!
    The Parlor Girl

  3. Gorgeous dresses! I need to buy myself one, especially the pink high-low.


  4. They are really beautiful & perfect for summer as they look really easy and breezy! :)

  5. I love the colorbock v dress! So cute!

  6. Now you have me obsessed! LOVE all of these dresses! Hugs from Cali! xx The Golden Girls

  7. I'm with you- I love VS clothing! I wish they'd have more of it it stores so I could try them on in person.

  8. Love them all?

  9. love the push up strapless shape!


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