Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Hey everyone,

Today I thought I would share some pillows that I am dying to get to vamp up my house for fall and winter. It's always nice to change up your decor and to keep things fresh and updated with each season. The great thing about changing up some of your decor is that it's an easy and quick way of spicing up a space without spending too much money. Changing up your pillows and throw blankets can really change a room dramatically with a snap of a finger.

{This is a picture of how I have placed my pillows in my bedroom. This "Great Outdoor Pillow" was once in my living room but I thought it would be a cozier feel having it in the bedroom when the colder months approach}. I got my chair reupholstered but the chair linked below this picture is the same style.
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I am totally one of those people that is constantly changing things around. I never like things in the same spot for too long. I am either adding pillows or removing pillows, changing my throw blankets or rearranging my decorative accents. I love change and it keeps me happy.

First off, I have linked 3 different sized pillow inserts to get you started. If you already have pillows like these for the appropriate sizes of the below covers, than you are already on the right track.

Feather Pillow Inserts 20" x 20" //  18" x 18" //  12" x 21" :

Graphic Pillow Cover Inserts for the above sizes:

Pattern/Texture Pillow Cover Inserts for the above sizes:

Throw Blankets:


  1. Love those plaid pillows! So cute and perfect for Fall


  2. I've been wanting to switch up my pillows on my couch! I need to order some of these holiday covers!

    By Lauren M


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