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It's brow time ladies!!
I get so many questions on how I get my eyebrow shape and what I do to keep them manicured and full looking all the time. I thought instead of emailing you guys back, I would just do a blog post on it and share it with everyone.

Everyone has different eyebrow shapes, so a lot of the times you pretty much have to work with what you got but you can definitely make them thicker and change the shape of them by grooming and filling them in.

I am going to share below what I do to maintain my brow shape and length as well as what products I currently use to enhance them when incorporating the steps with my makeup routine. 

1. Tweezers
2. Scissors & Brow Brush
3. Brow Highlighter
4. Brow Powder Duo
5. Angled Brow Brush
6. Brow Gel

First Things First!

Every 5-7 weeks I get my eyebrows waxed to give them a clean fresh start. During the following weeks after my wax appointment, I maintain my brows by tweezing the odd hair that grows in. I also trim my brows during this period of time as well so that they are not too long and annoying to deal with. Trimming the brows keeps them manicured and you don't have to worry about any hairs sticking up anywhere.

How I Trim My Brows: 
{I tend to do these steps every 2 weeks}

Step 1: Take the "brow brush"  and brush your brows upwards from the thickest {inner} part to the end {tail} of the brow. When you brush it upwards, you will see how long your brow hairs actually are.

Step 2: Now take the "brow scissors"  and hold them parallel to each section working from the tail section first {cutting towards the hairs}. I find it a lot easier starting from the tail and cutting towards the inner part of the brow, because you are cutting towards the hairs. If you do it the other way, I find the scissors push the hairs back down and then you are not cutting anything.

Step 3: Once you have trimmed each brow, go back with your brow brush and brush through them again and brush them upwards to see if you trimmed enough hair. If you did, you shouldn't see any hairs sticking up.

How I Fill My Brows In:

When it comes to filling my brows in, there are some quick steps that I do before the finished result. I am currently using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Duo Brow Powder in the colour Soft Brown. The brow brush that I use to apply it with is the Sigma Beauty E75 Angled Brow Brush which is an amazing brush to create the perfect filled in brow.

I like to start from the thickest {inner} part of the brow first by lightly feathering the brush in small strokes upwards. When it comes to the arch, you want to repeat the same technique as the inner part of the brow, but when you get to the tail of the brow, you then want to angle the brush and lightly feather it in the same direction as the hair is growing.

Complete the entire look and make sure your brows stay in place by using the MAC Brow Gel.

Adding Highlight:

To me, brows always stand out when you have nicely trimmed, filled in brows but they stand out even more when you add highlight to the arches.

I am currently using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlighting Duo Pencil in the colour Shell/Lace. This would have to be my favourite step and I never walk out of the house without adding some highlight in the arch of my brows. Not only is it defining your brows even more but it is highlighting your eye area as well which makes you look more awake.

Thank you so much for stopping by, xo!!

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  1. Great post! I for sure need to send this to a few people I know! ;)

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  2. Great post! I used to be OBSESSED with doing my brows.

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  3. These are such great tips! One thing I am not good with is my eyebrows haha!

    <3 Shannon
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  4. I really need that clear gel!



  5. It's so interesting how important brows are and all of the products nowadays can really open up our eyes and make our makeup pop! xx adaatude.com

  6. nice tips and tricks!

    Have a great weekend!
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