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If you want a specific effect, look for the mascara's that are triggered to what you want to achieve. Waxes in "curling" mascara's give length to stick-straight lashes, while lengthening formulas have nylon fibers that act as extensions on short lashes. 
The type of brush does matter! If it's a big wand then you will have full voluminous lashes and if it's a thin wand then you will have separated lashes.


Everyone can pull off a black mascara. The whole point in wearing mascara, is to enhance the eye and to define the lashes. It should be apparent that you are wearing mascara or you won't get that effect you are trying to achieve. 
Why not try a colour other than black? A swipe of purple mascara is gorgeous on eye colours such as, blue, hazel and green while blue and green mascara's look amazing on brown eyes. Brown mascara is also a great option for those who want to eliminate harshness and wear something subtle. Check out my post on "Look Younger With Makeup" for more beauty tips.


Waterproof mascara's can be tough to remove and can be rough on your lashes, especially if you are using it everyday. If you are attending a wedding or perhaps your on the beach, resort to a water-resistant mascara instead of waterproof, it's more gentle on the eyes. 


  An eyelash curler can make eyes appear more wider and sexier in the matter of seconds. Use an eyelash curler before your mascara, if used after, the mascara will stick to the curler and could cause lash loss.
Grab your wand, look up into the mirror and squeeze the curler at the roots of the lashes and hold for approximately 5 seconds and then pulse halfway down the lashes three times about 1-2 seconds per pulse and voila!


After curling lashes, apply a lengthening mascara to the upper and lower lashes. After, wiggle a volumizing mascara to the roots of lashes then swiping upwards to the ends. For the lower lashes, switch the application by doing a back and forth windshield- wiper motion across the bottom lashes, focusing more on the outer corners to add more volume and fullness.


Two coats of lengthening mascara will do the trick, but you can apply as many coats as you want. This is a quick fix to those short stubby lashes. Apply a coat to one eye and then move on to the next eye, letting the first coat completely dry before applying a second coat. Once the first coat is dry, apply a thin coat of mascara by wiggling the brush at the base followed by a quick sweep through the entire lash. This technique will separate lashes and will make eyes appear larger.


Applying mascara to the lower lashes is completing the finishing touches to the eyes. It's best to apply thin coats rather than being too heavy handed or mascara will clump. Apply lightly with the tip of the mascara brush, if you need more, then apply a second coat. Clinque has a really great bottom lash mascara that has a tiny wand that will coat those hard to reach lashes at the corners of the eyes without making a mess.


Whether you are going for a spidery look or not, running a clean spooley brush through your lashes {while mascara is still wet} will remove clumps and give a clean finish.


Oil based removers work best for those stubborn formula's like waterproof and water-resistant mascara's. Soak a cotton pad in any eye makeup remover and gently press down on lashes for a approximately 10 seconds, then gently wiggle the cotton pad down the lash to loosen the mascara {repeat as needed}. Being as gentle as possible is key in preventing lash loss and wrinkles. 

Mascara is the finishing touch to any makeup look and by following these simple tips, you will be on your way in getting those perfect lashes. I hope you all found this helpful!

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  1. It sounds completely corny, but I can't live without my eyelash curler. It makes SUCH a difference!

  2. I seriously can't live without mascara - my lashes are short, sparse, and stick straight down. It won't hold a curl unless it's waterproof and volumizing haha. Anyways, great post!

  3. GREAT tips!!!! I love to cocktail mine I use 3 different ones and if I take the time and have patience they come out just like falsies :] The bottom lash mascara by clinique is a total fave too!!!!

    Have a great day!!!!
    XO Barbie
    The Parlor Girl

  4. These are great tips, who knew the type of brush could make such a difference!

  5. I'm clueless when it comes to mascara. I pride myself in knowing a lot of things about makeup in general...until it comes to mascara. So this is definitely useful!

    A Southern Drawl
    Also, check out my friend's photography blog! She's so talented!

  6. Great tips, Ash! I really need to start using my eyelash curler. For some reason (probably laziness) I always seem to skip that step!


  7. Great Tips! Lashes are the most important thing to style next to eyebrows! Thats so necessary!
    Come around and see what’s new on my blog!!!

    Lots of Love, Kyra

  8. These are all really great tips! It is amazing how much mascara can do for you if you use the right kind and pay a little extra attention to those lashes! (curling is SO important for me since I have short lashes)!

  9. Thanks for this tip.


  10. So many great tips! Love this!

    Lauren Elizabeth

  11. love the tips ! my tip hmmmm dont poke yourself in the eye =)

    simply sutter

  12. Such great tips! :)
    I am always using a black mascara, I cannot imagine myself wearing any other color! :)

  13. I don't walk out the door without mascara, even to yoga. :) I have three different ones that I use for different reasons - an "everyday", a dramatic and a waterproof. Great tips!

  14. These are some great tips! I never know which one to buy if I want thicker and long lashes, but this helps a lot!


  15. Wow really love these tips - so useful and I agree with only using waterproof mascara when you need too.
    Thanks for sharing
    Just popping over from everything wild and lovely linky

    Laura x

  16. very nice post! i love make-up and i love mascara! ;)
    will be very big pleasure if u want to follow each this we can keep in touch! ;))

  17. I always curl my eyelashes and then usually use a volumizing mascara! And yes, the bottom lashes make a big difference too!


  18. I always forget about my bottom lashes, I need to be better about that!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  19. Mascara is probably one of my favorite beauty items.
    I believe that it totally changes the way your face looks.

  20. Great tutorial. Never thought about how much of a roll the wand plays in the actual results. Will def be paying more attention now!

    The Marcy Stop

  21. Love this! Women need to be reading this post - lol! I feel like no one really knows how to apply mascara anymore!

  22. thanks for the great mascara tips!


  23. Amen to always wearing black (unless you have very fair skin/hair color)


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