Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bachelorette Recap {Part 4}

Ok so I didn't do a recap last week so I am doing one for this Monday's episode instead {episode 4}.
Desiree and the 13 remaining bachelors flew to Atlantic City for the Bachelorette's Mr. America pageant.

Brad scored the first one on one date with Desiree which began on the famous board walk of Atlantic City "Jersey Shore." They seemed to have had a lot of fun on their date but when dinner came around their conversation seemed to be a little rocky. I thought Brad was really nice but he definitely wasn't the one for Desiree. She ended up sending him home.

Next was the group date a.k.a the "Mr. America" pageant. This was my favorite part of the whole show. No, it wasn't because they were all in their swim wear during the swimsuit competition. Ok maybe it was, so what?

I was dying laughing when all of these guys had to do a talent which were all pretty lame by the way until Zak W. started singing while playing the guitar. Umm adorable right? He is even a great singer as well!! I am liking him more and more each week.

And the winner of the Mr. America's pageant goes to......


James scored the second one on one date with Desiree. They took a helicopter ride to view the damage that hurricane Sandy had caused. They went to dinner and danced to Darius Rucker where James admits to Desiree that he once cheated on a old girlfriend hoping that Desiree believes that he'll never do something like that again. Even though Desiree didn't look to impressed, she still decided to give him a rose. I personally really like James and I thought that was a good move on his part for being straight up and honest.

The Bachelors that are eliminated!
* Note: The new bachelors that got eliminated are in bold.

Ben Brad Brandon
                                            Ben                                              Brad                            Brandon                                                                                            {Accountant}                 {The emotional}
Brian Brooks Bryden
 Brian                                   Brooks                                Bryden
                                      {Financial Advidor}

{The Cheater}

Dan Diogo Drew
Dan                                      Diogo                                    Drew
                           {Beverage Sales Consultant}             {The knight}

James Jonathan Juan Pablo  
      James                                  Jonathan                                Juan Pablo
{Fantasy suite guy. Creep}

Kasey Larry Micah  
Kasey                                    Larry                                    Micha
                                              {ER Doctor also a creep}   {The guy that made his own blazer}

Michael G. Mike R. Mikey T.
Micheal G.                           Mike R.                              Mikey T.

Nick M. Nick R. Robert  
Nick M.                               Nick R.                                 Robert
         {Investment Advisor}               {Magician}                 {Advertising Entrepreneur}

Will Zack K. Zak W
                                          Will                                        Zak K.                                 Zak W.          
                                         {Banker}                        {Book Publisher}                                                                                                             

Next week they are all headed to Munich Germany.

What did all of you think of this week's episode?


  1. There's something about a man in a suit, singing and playing the guitar. Gets me every time!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  2. I think you meant to mark James as the cheater not Chris! It was on the Hurricane Sandy date that he admitted to Des he cheated on his girlfriend :) I like Drew the best so far but they NEVER pick who we see on the other side of the TV screen as the best!

    1. Yes James admitted to Desiree on their one on one date that he cheated on a old girlfriend but do you remember last week's episode when Chris's "girlfriend" came on the show? She confronted him and asked why he would come on the show when they were still dating but he claims that they were already broken up? Desiree ended up sending him home so I classified him as a cheater lol...

  3. Obsessed with the Bach and Bachelorette! I watch with all my girl friends and we, too, were dying over the guys walking the walk on that runway.

    Dana Ivy - check out my blog!


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