Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bachelorette Recap {Part 2}

Ok so my thoughts have totally changed since last week's show. How adorable was Brooks on his date with Desiree? He seriously seems like the nicest well spoken guy I have ever seen on this show so far and I think the two of them will really hit it off. Bryden was also really sweet and seemed a little shy on their one on one. Like when they were in the pool at the end of their date when they were awkwardly smiling at each other and they kept repeating the same thing over and over. We all know Desiree was waiting for him to make the first move to kiss her but instead, Desiree was the one that said "just kiss me already." That would have been really awkward. The group date was hilarious and I couldn't believe they did a rap video with Soulja Boy. So corny and lame but funny at the same time...

Zak W. aka "Shirtless Guy" was actually really nice and so sweet. How thoughtful was he to give her an antique journal that had never been written in and if everything works out between them it's for Desiree to write all about it in the journal so they can look back at it for many years to come. This side of Zak totally blew me away as he was one cocky idiot on last weeks show. I actually kinda like him now lol.. 

The Bachelors that got eliminated!
* Note: The new bachelors that got eliminated are in bold.

Ben Brad Brandon
Ben                                      Brad                                   Brandon
Brian Brooks Bryden
 Brian                                   Brooks                                Bryden
                                      {Financial Advidor}


Dan Diogo Drew
Dan                                      Diogo                                    Drew
{The knight}

James Jonathan Juan Pablo  
      James                                  Jonathan                                Juan Pablo
{Fantasy suite guy. Creep}

Kasey Larry Micah  
Kasey                                    Larry                                    Micha
                                              {ER Doctor also a creep}   {The guy that made his own blazer}

Michael G. Mike R. Mikey T.  
Micheal G.                           Mike R.                              Mikey T.

Nick M. Nick R. Robert  
Nick M.                               Nick R.                                 Robert
         {Investment Advisor}               {Magician}                 {Advertising Entrepreneur}

Will Zack K. Zak W
                              Will                                   Zak K.                                Zak W.                                     

Overall I believe she sent home the right guys and they would have been my picks also.
Next week is when the "mysterious girl" comes on the show to call out her so called "boyfriend" which I am dying to find out what guy that is!!

What did you think of Monday night's show?


  1. I loved Brooks and Bryden! They are both so adorable and definitely keepers! And Zak W really changed my mind about him too! That was so thoughtful! But Ben can go. I thought I like him, but he is a jerk and I think that the mystery girl is his girl friend! Can't wait to see!

  2. So you know how I said that I don't watch this show? Well, I don't need to because I can just read your recaps! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  3. Brooks was definitely very sweet and most importantly seemed to be really genuine! And yeah that journal Zak gave Des was so, so sweet and definitely very thoughtful! :)

  4. i am such a bachelorette junkie! kasey creeps me out and looks so much like clay aiken to me, lol. and i hate all of his hashtagging phrases! #gohome

    xo brie

  5. Brooks was SO cute...and I also thought it was cute when Des said "Kiss me already"...even though Bryden should have had the guts to make a move on his own :)

    The Other Side of Gray


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