Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Five

 I hope all of you had a lovely weekend!!
My boyfriend and I had a great weekend, we went over to a friends house on Saturday night and watched the hockey game while having some much needed drinks. Sunday we went and did some shopping, washed our cars from the inside and out (which I love doing by the way, who doesn't want a nice clean car)? Also it's finally feeling a lot like spring here in Canada and not having to wear a coat this whole weekend made me the happiest girl ever!

My boyfriend and I went and did a little shopping on the weekend and came across these lovely items at Winners:

Kate Spade Bed Sheets/ Pillow Cases!
I adore polka dots especially in lime green!

This bright lime green piece was so unique and different, we both liked it as soon as we seen it!

Isn't this chair adorable? Ugh I love it so much!

This chair was super cute too and I loved how it had greys and browns in the material but I didn't love it as much as the chair above!

Love the pattern on this pillow

I have been really impressed with Winners lately and usually I feel like that place is a total hit and miss with everything! Here's a tip that I learned. Ask your local Winners when their delivery days are and go shopping on those days. I have started to do this and you wouldn't believe how much stuff there is to choose from and not to mention you have first pick on everything! (BONUS) I hate knowing that I have been missing out on all these years on great stuff that I could have had!

ALSO, who else is excited for the Bachelor Finale Tonight??? Ohh I can't wait... My prediction is that Sean is going to pick Lindsay (so I hope anyways).... Who do you think Sean is going to pick??

 I hope you're all having a great Monday.

Sincerely Miss Ash


  1. Love the Kate Spade sheets and that chair!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  2. Hi:)
    That chair is so nice!

  3. TOTALLY love a clean car!!! Also love the tufted chair too it has a great sense of style ;] What is Winners? Is it like a Home Goods or TJ Maxx?

    The Parlor Girl

  4. I love that bright green piece of furniture! I need more stuff like that in my house. It makes everything else seem so drab.


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