Friday, March 8, 2013

How I Clean My Makeup Brushes

As we all know, makeup brushes pick up dirt, dust, bacteria, oil and as gross as it may sound skin cells also. It is very important to sanitize and deep clean your makeup brushes often to keep your face free of any bacteria that may cause clogged pores, breakouts etc!

Washing and spot cleaning your makeup brushes on a regular basis is a must but not all of us have the time to do it or know the importance of it. I try to deep clean my brushes once a week or I will make a point of doing it every two weeks and I spot clean after every use. 

I am completely obsessed with keeping my skin clean and now I have become obsessed with washing/ sanitizing my brushes also. Both go hand in hand to keeping my skin clear.

Have you girls ever heard of the new Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove yet? I have yet to purchase it but I am really thinking of getting it as it would save my poor hands from always being in the water. I love having clean brushes but with deep cleaning all the time my hands get really dry which is the WORST.

 You can find this item below:

Here is what I use:

-Johnson's Baby Shampoo
- MAC Brush Cleaner: It cleans, disinfects and conditions the brush fibers so brushes will last longer 
(I use this to spot clean my brushes after each use)

How I Deep Clean My Brushes:

Step #1:

I rinse my brushes under warm water (WITH BRUSH FACING DOWN) you don't want the water to run into the shaft of the brush as this will cause bristles to fall out over time.

Step #2:

I apply a small amount of baby shampoo into the palm of my hand and I swirl the brush around until it lathers

Step #3:

I then rinse the brush in warm/ semi hot water and then I squeeze the excess water from the brush.
Note: If you notice the water isn't clear when squeezing, clean again and repeat step 2!

Step# 4

Once squeezing the water out of the brush I then re-shape the bristles with my finger to it's original form and lay them flat to dry on a towel. (I know there are brush guards for this step, but honestly using my fingers works just as good)

 How I Spot Clean:

With a piece of toilet paper or paper towel (which ever you prefer) pour a little brush cleaner onto it and use a back and forth motion until you see there is no more product transferring onto the toilet paper/paper towel. Like I said above this disinfects the brush and conditions the bristles. 

Now that I am getting older I really try to take good care of my skin by washing my face morning/ night and cleaning my brushes on a regular basis. This has become an important part of my everyday routine and by doing so I have seen a huge difference on the appearance of my skin.

If you are a person who tends to break out and you don't wash your brushes or as often, try washing and spot cleaning your brushes on a regular basis and see if that helps.
It definitely has for me!

I hope you're all having a lovely Friday!

Sincerely Miss Ash


  1. I am so glad you posted this! I just went out and bought a few new brushes b/c all of my older ones were so dirty. I Want to find a good cleaner for them! I am going to try the MAC. Hope you have a great day!


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  4. i need to clean my brushes more often! i'm always amazed at what comes off of them. love your tips!

    1. I know isn't it gross? Glad you enjoyed the post!


  5. Totally doing this sometime this weekend!!!
    xoxo Mrs. Parrett

  6. so helpful:)
    i'm following you now:)

  7. I've heard such mixed reviews on the Sigma Brush Cleaning Glove, most people complain about the price. Great post though!


    Crystal's Beauty Corner

  8. wow, really interesting, thanks for sharing such a nice post :>
    wish u a nice weekend
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  9. SO cool I do the same routines! However, how do you like the Sigma brushes? I have all MAC and that is all I have ever used but always hear wonderful things about Sigma ;] Is it worth buying them? {I get a discount at MAC}

    The Parlor Girl

  10. I so need to do this more - thanks for the reminder!

    Pearls & Paws

  11. I'm terrible about cleaning my brushes. Thanks for the advice!


  12. You've reminded me that I need some new MAC solution. This is very good information. Thanks for posting and feel free to drop by me too when you have time.

  13. This reminds me that I have to clean my brushes as well! :D

  14. So lovely post, good weekend! kisses

  15. AH i really need to clean mine this week!!


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