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I once did a self tanner review a while back and I thought I would do an updated post on what I currently use and recommend. It is that time of year that when we want to start self tanning and getting our skin ready for spring and summer.

I have tried so many self tanners from sprays, to creams, to mousses and so on. I definitely had ones that I absolutely loved and ones that I absolutely hated and wished I had never used.

I hope you find this post helpful!

VITA LIBERATA {2-3 week tan lotion}
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This self tanner is definitely one of my favorites due to the fact that it is really easy to use, it is odourless, fast drying, long lasting up to 2-3 weeks and it gives you amazing colour.

I recommend using this mitt to apply the self tanner
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How to Apply:
Ok, it is so easy I promise!!

1. Make sure you have "clean exfoliated" skin. Exfoliated skin is always key in an even tan.
2. Add two to three pumps of the self tanner to the mitt and apply in circular motions over the areas you want to tan. Using a mitt ensures an even streak-free application and you also save a lot of product when using a mitt as well.
3. Apply to the tops of the hands and feet but make sure you apply it last with whatever is left on the mitt. You don't want to add too much self tanner in these places as you tend to have dryer skin.
4. Make sure you let your skin dry fully before putting on "loose" clothing.
5. Do not shower, bath, go swimming or sweat for at least 6-8 hours after applying.

How to Maintain:
1. Apply two to three times over for the next few days after the first application to achieve the colour you want. You may want to do an application every 24 hours until you are content with the shade you are at.
2. Do not exfoliate until you are ready to do an overal "fresh" application.
3. Keep your skin moisturized and hydrated
4. Do not use harsh soaps and avoid chlorinated pools for longevity

It is formulated without any:
- Parabens
- Sulfates
- Phthalates

Choose Fair for a subtle glow
Choose Medium for a golden bronze tone
Choose Dark for a deep tan

VITA LIBERATA {Rapid Tan Mousse} 
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This is another self tanner that I use if I need an instant tan which develops within an hour or two until you reach your desired colour. It is also easy to use, odourless, fast drying, comes with the mitt and a streak-free application.

I apply and maintain it the same way as I would with the Vita Liberata {2-3 week lotion} MINUS applying it a few days over to build up a tan. If you do this with the Vita Liberata Rapid Tan you will look ridiculously tan to the point where you won't look natural at all {unless that is what you are trying to achieve}.

It is formulated without any:
- Parabens
- Sulfates
- Phthalates

Thank you so much for stopping by, xo!!

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  1. I've heard great things about this self tanner! I will have to check it out. :)



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