Monday, February 18, 2013

Let's talk Bachelor

Happy Family Day Everyone!!!

Let's talk Bachelor..

What do you guys think of Sean Lowe? When I heard he was going to be the next Bachelor I was so excited and happy that he was chosen. I mean wasn't he adorable and sweet on Emily's season? I totally think she should have chosen him in the end but then again we wouldn't be watching the best Bachelor season EVER! This is by far the best Season of Bachelor and I think it even tops all the Bachelorette seasons also. There is just so much DRAMA!

Tonight's show is home town's and this is always my favorite part of the show to watch. Did you guy's see the previews for tonight's show? I don't know about you but it looks like Desiree's family and Sean don't mesh too well together and it looks like Sean gets in with it with her brother? I don't know but episodes like these always make me itch for more.

Now before I go on about the final four, can I just say that I am so HAPPY that this crazy is off the show! I mean, I do admit Tierra did make the show rather interesting with all the drama she caused, but she was two faced, too emotional and I agree with Sean's sister, if a girl can't get along with other girls than that's an issue!! Oh and how could I forget her famous quote on last week's show: "No one can take my "sparkle" away from me, NO ONE! lol

Now on to the final four!

The lovely Ashlee who is my personal favorite. She is so sweet, gorgeous, I adore her personal style and I love her story.

The adorable Lindsay who is super sweet and beautiful

Desiree is so nice and sweet and her & Sean always seem like they have a good time together.

Catherine is always happy and full of energy, but I just don't really see a future with them

What are your predictions for tonight's show and who do you think will be going home?

Sincerely Miss Ash


  1. I'm a huge fan of the final four and (of course) Sean :)

    I think this is the first season that I am rooting for all of them!! My personal favorites are Lindsay and Catherine :)

  2. thanks for your comment sweetie! nice blog :)

    would you like to follow each other on gfc?

  3. Omg so glad the crazy is gone! And not gonna lie Desiree is my personal fave... Just sayin ;) great post girl!


  4. As much as I hate to admit it, I *love* The Bachelor! And Sean is super sweet and genuine. So glad they picked him :) Desiree was my favorite. Sad he sent her home!

    XO, Alison


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