Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Girl Crush

Isn't Jennifer Aniston gorgeous? Like seriously, her hair is always beautiful, she has a killer body and her makeup is always flawless. OH and her personal style is my absolute favorite!!

I always look up to her for my hair inspirations and her cute outfits that I just adore, so today I thought I would share some picture's that are currently inspiring me:

Her hair is fab and I am LOVING this leather jacket

Like seriously how cute is she? Loving these glasses and the way she styled her hair

Loving this casual look!

Love this eye make up with a neutral lip!

I have always liked her with a bob. I still think about cutting my hair to this from time to time but always chicken out lol.

Love this whole outfit!

Again love this!

Alright so I could post pictures of her all day but I am going to stop here lol. These are some pictures that are currently inspiring me. Do you have anyone that you look up to and get inspired by?

Until Next Time..

Sincerely Miss Ashley


  1. Jen can seriously do no wrong in my book! She always looks flawless and stunning! Great post :)

  2. Jen is so beautiful! And she`s 44! OMG! she does not look like she was born in the 60s!

  3. Oh girl, Jen is my girl crush also! I wish I could be her... Anyway love your blog. Found you through my friend Julia's blog. New follower :)

  4. Oh my gosh. I am obsessed with Jennifer Anniston. I'm pretty sure every time I get my hair done, my hair stylist rolls her eyes, because I really just want my hair AND everything else to look like her! She is gorgeous!

  5. OMG Jen is looking gorgeous! in leather jacket..!! faboulous pics


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