Monday, January 13, 2014


Try A Tinted Primer:

If your face is looking dull:
Try using a light pink primer like Benefit That Gal Brightening Face Primer. This will add a glow to your face to make it more healthy looking.

If you have sallow skin:
Try using a lilac shade primer like Smashbox Photo Finish Colour Correcting Primer {Lilac}. This will brighten sallow looking skin.

If you have redness:
Try using a green primer like Smashbox Photo Finish Colour Correcting Primer {Green}. This colour neutrilizes redness caused from acne, rosacea and sunburns.

Less Is Always More:

 Don't feel like you have to apply a tone of primer to your face for it to work. Over applying will actually pill under your foundation. Add a small pea size amount to the face by gently rubbing it in for an all even coverage.

Apply To Your Eyes:

Gently pat primer around the eyes and a little on the lids. This will prevent eye makeup from creasing and smudging and it also helps smooth out fine lines around the eyes as well as counteracting redness.

Prime Those Lashes Of Yours:

 For thicker and longer lashes, apply an eyelash primer under your regular mascara. These primers contain Vitamin E or glycerin to condition lashes which helps amplify those sparse lashes. Two coats of mascara is sufficient enough when applying primer.

Take It Easy If You Have Acne Prone Skin:

If your primer already has anti-acne ingredients such as salicylic acid, you will want to skip your acne spot treatments. Using both primer {for acne prone skin} and acne spot treatments will make the acne more irritated and inflamed. A great primer for acne prone skin is the Smashbox Photo Finish More Than Primer Blemish Control.

Prime Your Lips:

Dab on a lip primer before applying any lipstick {especially to prevent lipstick from settling into fine lines/ smudging}. If you don't want to purchase a lip primer, then use the primer for your face instead.

Apply Primer To Your Neck and Décolletage:

This will help smooth out fine lines on your neck and décolletage. 

Complete With Powder:

By following this order:
Primer, liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer and translucent powder.
If you skip on the powder whether it's tinted or translucent, the silicon in the primer and the water in your foundation will react together and once you touch your face or sweat, it will come right off. Powder is a must when using primer!

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  1. Oh this was such a great read. I didn't realize what the different colored primers did, haha. Whoops! Good thing I just stuck with plain ol' clear. Let me know if you'd like to keep in touch with different social media. I'll definitely follow back and keep up with your lovely blog!

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    1. Aw thank you so much! I am glad you liked it..
      Of course, let's follow each other!

  2. I never knew mascara primer existed until I got my makeup done at Sephora recently. The primer they used on me made my lashes come to life like never before. It looked better than false lashes... so impressed :)

    1. Oh I know, the stuff is amazing!!! :)

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    1. Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed it..

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  5. Great recommendations girl!

  6. Nice roundup of products! I like the eyelid primer and the brightening primer from Urban Decay.

    1. YES! The primer potion by Urban Decay is the best!!

  7. Green tinted primer is my favorite!

    xoxo, KP
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  8. Awesome tips - I never thought of priming the lips! Loved this!

  9. Your makeup looks gorgeous. I've never heard of tinted primers but it is an excellent idea! My skin is prone to going red so a green would be perfect for me!

    Wardrobe Quarry

  10. Love this! I use a MAC primer and it makes my foundation go on so smooth and fluid!!

    Great tips as always!! Thank you for sharing ;]

    XO Barbie
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  11. I loved finding your blog & reading your posts, so I've nominated & tagged you for the Liebster award!
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  12. I've been wanting to buy my own primer! every time a makeup artist uses it on me i love it. Gorgeous face girl!!!
    Kat |

  13. Great tips! And your skin is so flawless!!

  14. Gorgeous hunny! Great tips too...I have started skipping out on my moisturizer and using a tinted moisturizer instead in the mornings as I was finding that my skin looking to greasy throughout the day but I should definitely look into buying a primer as it looks like a brilliant base for make up!

    Katie x


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