Friday, August 9, 2013


Happy Friday!

Let's talk foundation. There is one foundation that I have been using for just over a few years now that I absolutely love. I tend to wear my Origins VitaZing SPF 15 tinted moisturizer majority of the time but when I am going out for an occasion {especially if pictures are being taken} or if I am feeling like I need a little more coverage that day, I will wear the MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Foundation.

Okay, so let me just say that this foundation is a-m-a-z-i-n-g and I love the coverage it gives. I don't like foundation that is too heavy and thick as I like to still see my skin and freckles underneath it. It's funny you know, when I was younger I hated my freckles and wished they would disappear but now that I am older, I absolutely love them. Thick foundations only makes my skin breakout and I also find it's a lot harder to remove as well. This foundation doesn't make me breakout AT ALL and it's also a lighter formula which is why I have stuck to this product.

This foundation is oil-free, comes in 26 shades, it's medium to full coverage and it's long wearing. When you apply this, it gives a flawless appearance to your skin, hides imperfections and it can withstand any bright or harsh lighting. You know when you are out with friends and pictures are being taken and you notice your face is white in the pictures due to the flash? Well, this stuff doesn't do that. It truly is amazing how this foundation works!

Before running out and picking up this foundation, get a sample of it first to see if you like it. Foundations are that one makeup product where everyone has their own preferences. I am extremely picky when it comes to foundations and because I really like this one I wanted to do a review on it for all of you. I bought it at my local Sephora and I am shade #120 Soft Sand.

 Do you already use MUF HD Foundation and what are your thoughts on it?

Have a lovely weekend, xo!!


  1. I have heard so many things about this foundation but could never bring myself to shell out the money but I may just have to g et it!

  2. really wonderful review, thank you! i am yet to try it! i normally go for a powder over a liquid, but this looks fab!

  3. Need to check out this foundation. I've read so many amazing things about it!

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  4. I haven't tried this yet, but it's definitely on my list now!

  5. I've never heard of this brand. I'm over my foundation right now. It is so cakey!


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  6. This is my all time favorite foundation!! I also use their Velvet Mat+ foundation! Amazing at keeping your face shine free! :)

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  7. I have never seen this foundation, but I'm certainly considering looking into it now! Great review!

  8. I've heard so many people sing the praises of this brand but have yet to try it. May need to give it a shot when my current one runs out!

  9. I'm already in love your blog, Babe!

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  10. I will perhaps try it in wintertime! During Summer I don't apply too much makeup to my face, it melts anyway because of the heat!

    Love, Cécile

  11. LOVE the review!! love sephora products!!
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  12. I haven't tried it, but I'd love to! Make up forever always have really great products!

  13. Thanks for this! I've been trying to find the perfect foundation, but always found them to be too heavy. I'll definitely need to try this. I appreciate the review!

  14. I haven't used it - thanks for the tip though!

  15. I totally agree with you on this review. I'm a huge fan of Makeup Forever and use this foundation during the day and I actually have the Matte Velvet for when I go out at night. The coverage is amazing but not too thick. Great blog and post!

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