Friday, April 19, 2013

Spring Flowers & A Look..

Spring is one of my favorite season's and I love how everything starts to turn green, the buds on the tree's start to open up and the best part is visiting the garden center's for the first time and coming home with pretty spring flowers.

While growing up, I would always garden with my mom and learn all about the different types of flowers and what flowers are good for certain seasons and the best spots to plant them. I am so fortunate that I had her to teach me everything there is to know about gardening. If it wasn't for my mom I wouldn't have a passion for gardening.

 Yesterday I went to the garden center for the first time with my mom and we picked up some Pansies to put in her urns and in an iron basket that she has hanging on the front of the house. Pansies are one of our favorite spring flowers and they last a long time which I really love.

We decided to get purple and yellow Pansies {The yellow in the flower looks white in these pictures due to the lighting but it is a baby yellow colour}. We usually always incorporate purple and yellow together because to me those two colours together are just so pretty.

My Crocus flowers have finally opened up. These flowers only bloom in the spring and last for a few weeks to a month until the flowers die and then your left with the greenery. I always know spring is here when these pretties have bloomed.

I think today I may head to another garden center and see what I can find. {Note} Every year I will go to at least 10 garden centers/ nursery's throughout the season. All of them carry different stuff and some have their flowers/ plants cheaper than others so why not? I am so excited to start getting my hands in the dirt. :)

Today's Very Casual Look!

Top- Old Navy Here/ Legging's- Target
 *I bought two of these top's a little bigger so I can wear them with legging's

Have a lovely weekend!

Sincerely Miss Ash


  1. Love that Old Navy top! You look great girl!

  2. Beautiful flowers! I love the colors, it's gorgeous. Also, I am loving your yellow striped top, so pretty.


  3. such pretty flowers, i wish i had space for a garden. love the casual look!

  4. Pretty flowers, I love them!!


  5. Beautiful flowers! I just started loving spring this year, winter is my favorite season. I just can't help but love all of the super bright and gorgeous colors.


  6. You are right! It's a lovely time of the year!!

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    Brunette Letters Blog

  7. Aw your flowers look beautiful! I really like your casual look!

  8. Pretty flowers! Cute casual look, love the neon stripe tee.

    xo erica

  9. Last weekend I went to the flower market to finally get some spring feeling on our terrace as well! I also got pansies, they are so nice :-)

  10. I am so glad you wrote this post. I have NO idea about gardening. We bought our house last year fully landscaped and I am good at raking leaves, trimming, and keeping it groomed and Mr mows BUT I know nothing about flowers.

    Actually two clients separately brought me a Peony and Dahlia bulb last Wed {is that a sign?} This Sunday is dedicated to Spring landscape and I am definitely going to pick up some pansies. I like flowers that live long. Any other suggestions would be great. That is so cool that you know how to get "dirty" lol ;]

    P.S. Love the hair straight! And your Old Navy top is super cute-great Spring color!!!

    Have a great weekend!!!
    The Parlor Girl

    1. Oh my gosh you are too cute thank you!! Peony's and Dahlia's are soooo pretty and the good thing is they come up every year once you have planted them.

      Another two types of flowers that I love in the summer are "Geraniums" which I put in pots/ hanging baskets and/ or urns and the other one is "Impatiens" they are great for flower beds and pots/ urns! Those two flowers is what I love using in the summer because they last a really long time and the grow tall and wide also. If you have anymore questions let me know! :)


    2. OK Girl! I went to Home Depot and OSH this weekend! I bought flowers, pots and got my pointy nails dirty with nutrient rich soil! Haha lets see if I can keep these beauties alive!!! I bought the Geraniums and some others I couldn't find Impatiens (I will be o the lookout for them) but then again the were a ton of people there and I just grabbed flowers that I liked the colors of lol.... Thank you so much for your help :]


    3. YAY!! Geraniums last forever and they are so pretty!! Keep an eye out for the impatiens they are pretty as well and they last a long time but they need a lot of watering.. You need to buy yourself some cute gardening gloves {your hands and nails will love you} lol.. I am so happy I could help. If there is anything else you need to know let me know girl :)


    4. You are soooo right! I am on the lookout for pink gloves ;] haha!! Thanks again for your help I really appreciate it! I will have to post some pics soon...
      Have a fab day!!!

  11. the crocus flowers are gorgeous! my mom loves gardening too and i always enjoy tagging along to find new flowers to plant around the yard.

    and your casual outfit looks super cute and comfy!

    Love Me to Pieces



  13. You are so pretty! :))
    And I love that spring is finally setting in! :)

  14. i love spring for the beautiful flowers that bloom, getting to plant new flowers in the soil and then see my work grow into flowers. your crocuses are beautiful!


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