Friday, June 28, 2013


Blushes are one of my favorite makeup items to apply other than mascara. I feel like blush gives everyone that healthy flush appearance or that instant pretty if you will. I think we have all been in that situation where we have or still apply too much blush, am I right? I raise my hand to that! I have definitely learned that less is more.

 My Go To Blushes For Everyday:

 First one is the famous NARS Blush in Orgasm: 
 This was my very first blush that I had ever bought when I first started to wear blush and it is still one of my all time favorites. It's a gorgeous pink/coral colour with a little shimmer. 

Second one is MAC Blush in Pink Swoon {Sheertone}: 
Isn't this a gorgeous hot pink? I know right? It looks scary but honestly when you apply it, it's such a beautiful colour on and it's definitely buildable which I love.

Thirdly is MAC Blush in Fleur Power {Satin}:
This is a such a pretty pink/rose colour that gives your cheeks that perfect flush. If you like a blush that is super pigmented than this one is for you. Honestly, I only have to lightly tap my brush once or twice in the blush and that is enough for one cheek. I love blushes like this because my blush lasts that much longer and to me that is money well spent.

All three of these blushes would be perfect for any skin tone. I have other blushes in my collection but these are my top    go to's. 

What are your favorite blushes?

P.s. Happy Friday and for all of my Canadian readers, I hope you all have a great Canada Day long weekend!!
Thanks for reading, xo!!

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Happy Thursday!

If you haven't already picked up or read Bobbi Browns Makeup Manual, then you must! It has everything you need to know from makeup do's and don'ts, skin care basics to every aspect of facial makeup as to how to find the right colour and type of foundation, beauty tips and much more. I still find myself resorting back to this book from time to time. This is a great makeup manual that every girl should have in their collection.

I have been obsessed with Bethenny Frankels Skinnygirl White Cranberry Cosmo. I simply mixed it with sugar free Cranberry juice or Club Soda, OR heck I will just drink it the way it is with some ice.. If you haven't already tried this,         YOU MUST!
She also has a lot of others such as Cherry Vodka, Sangria {my fav}, Mojito, Peach Margarita etc....

Bath & Body Works Candle in Sea Island Cotton
I love the smell of this clean, fresh scent of cotton. It always smells like I have just finished a load of laundry.

Ever since Revlon came out with their new spring's Pacific Coast Collection, I have been finding myself reaching for this Lip Butter in Juicy Papaya. It's the perfect colour for the summer months.

Other than my obsession with "white nails" I have also been reaching for teal/mint polishes like this one from Gosh called Miss Minty.

I hope you all have a great day and thanks for reading, xo!!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Either your foundation leaks, shadows and powders crumble and makeup brushes are left damaged.
Learn how to minimize the messy disaster and save the headache. 
First you want to look inside: A makeup bag that has nylon lining is the easiest to clean rather than cotton or leather lining. Keep makeup remover wipes in your bag so if anything were to spill, it can be easily cleaned.

Secondly, you want to double check: The crucial step in preventing a disaster is to double check that all the lids are tightened "been there done that." Any compacts that have hinges that don't close properly should be placed in a ziplock bag as well as eye liner pencils. We all have that one eyeliner pencil that the lid just wont stay on anymore. Save the broken pencil and place it in a ziplock bag also. Don't overload your makeup bag as this will easily damage other belongings that are in it.

Thirdly, you want to sort your makeup brushes: To keep your brushes clean and harm free, place your makeup brushes in a brush roll. If you don't have a brush roll or your bag is too small, simply stash brushes by type in long, narrow snack size ziplock bags to prevent damage and contamination. 

The last step: Once a month, empty your makeup bag and flip it inside out and give it a good wipe down with a paper towel and a mild soap. Every season {4 times a year} do an overhaul. Switch things up and slip in a new lipstick or gloss and an eyeshadow that's hot for the season.

What are your must haves that you put in your makeup bag? Do tell!

Have a great day and thanks for reading, xo!!

Monday, June 24, 2013


Top- Cynthia Rowley {old} | Shorts- American Eagle {old} but Similar | Necklace- Guess {old} | Nails- Gosh in Miss Minty 

Shoes- Old Navy {sold out}

I hope you all have a great day and thanks for reading, xo!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bachelorette Recap {Part 4}

Ok so I didn't do a recap last week so I am doing one for this Monday's episode instead {episode 4}.
Desiree and the 13 remaining bachelors flew to Atlantic City for the Bachelorette's Mr. America pageant.

Brad scored the first one on one date with Desiree which began on the famous board walk of Atlantic City "Jersey Shore." They seemed to have had a lot of fun on their date but when dinner came around their conversation seemed to be a little rocky. I thought Brad was really nice but he definitely wasn't the one for Desiree. She ended up sending him home.

Next was the group date a.k.a the "Mr. America" pageant. This was my favorite part of the whole show. No, it wasn't because they were all in their swim wear during the swimsuit competition. Ok maybe it was, so what?

I was dying laughing when all of these guys had to do a talent which were all pretty lame by the way until Zak W. started singing while playing the guitar. Umm adorable right? He is even a great singer as well!! I am liking him more and more each week.

And the winner of the Mr. America's pageant goes to......


James scored the second one on one date with Desiree. They took a helicopter ride to view the damage that hurricane Sandy had caused. They went to dinner and danced to Darius Rucker where James admits to Desiree that he once cheated on a old girlfriend hoping that Desiree believes that he'll never do something like that again. Even though Desiree didn't look to impressed, she still decided to give him a rose. I personally really like James and I thought that was a good move on his part for being straight up and honest.

The Bachelors that are eliminated!
* Note: The new bachelors that got eliminated are in bold.

Ben Brad Brandon
                                            Ben                                              Brad                            Brandon                                                                                            {Accountant}                 {The emotional}
Brian Brooks Bryden
 Brian                                   Brooks                                Bryden
                                      {Financial Advidor}

{The Cheater}

Dan Diogo Drew
Dan                                      Diogo                                    Drew
                           {Beverage Sales Consultant}             {The knight}

James Jonathan Juan Pablo  
      James                                  Jonathan                                Juan Pablo
{Fantasy suite guy. Creep}

Kasey Larry Micah  
Kasey                                    Larry                                    Micha
                                              {ER Doctor also a creep}   {The guy that made his own blazer}

Michael G. Mike R. Mikey T.
Micheal G.                           Mike R.                              Mikey T.

Nick M. Nick R. Robert  
Nick M.                               Nick R.                                 Robert
         {Investment Advisor}               {Magician}                 {Advertising Entrepreneur}

Will Zack K. Zak W
                                          Will                                        Zak K.                                 Zak W.          
                                         {Banker}                        {Book Publisher}                                                                                                             

Next week they are all headed to Munich Germany.

What did all of you think of this week's episode?

Monday, June 17, 2013


Hi loves

We all know that "white nails" is today's trend and we have been seeing it everywhere in the blogging world and in the magazines. I have always loved white nails and have been wearing white polish for the longest time. There is just something about "white nails" that looks fresh and clean and not to mention it goes with every outfit. Bonus right?! Opaque white pops against every skin tone and it gives your hands a bold statement.

 I can tell you that some of the more "opaque" formulas out there are almost as tricky to apply. I don't know about you but I absolutely hate applying polish and having it streak. You know what I mean? It's so annoying.

Here are a few key steps to prevent a streaky-mess!

First, you want to pick your potency

   SHEER           OPAQUE
{1} Apply Base Coat

With a difficult colour like white, a good base coat will help chip-proof the polish and allow it to go on more smoothly. A great choice is nails inc from Sephora or Essie's base coat. 

{2} Add Polish

Any opaque white polish will do.
Carefully wipe the brush to remove access polish and apply just three strokes: one down the middle and one on each side {avoiding the cuticles of course}. If it looks streaky, don't worry as this is just your primer.

{3} Mattify

"This is the most important step"
In between layers of polish, apply a mattifying base coat. This will help minimize any residual streaking during your last coat of polish.

{4} Reapply Polish

Now this is the best part: your second coat of polish.
When you apply this coat, watch how nicely it brushes on. Your nail polish will look super opaque and "streak- free."

{5} Top Coat

Paint on a shiny top coat for the perfect finish and now you're ready for a night on the town.

There you have it. Now don't you want to try it?

Friday, June 14, 2013

Favorite lip products {current}

Hey Everyone!
I had some requests to do a post on my current favorite lip products. I thought this would be a great post to do as I love to know what others use as well. Keep in mind that everyone's natural lip colour is different, so what it looks like on me might look different on you, vice versa.

Here are my current favorites:

{1} Revlon Colour Burst Lip Butter in Juicy Papaya
{This is a new colour that came out in this Spring's Pacific Coast Collection. I would say this is my favorite colour ever released in the lip butter line}

{2} MAC "Glaze" lipstick in Hue

{3} MAC Lipglass in Pink Lemonade
{peachy pink}

{4} Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment in the colour Rose
{I am obsessed with the Fresh lip treatment line. It's great for all year round and it's an SPF. BONUS}

{5} MAC "Frost" lipstick in Angel

{6} Covergirl Lipperfection Jumbo Gloss Balm in Berry Twist
{I bought this berry colour last winter and thought it would only be wearable for fall and winter but if I sheer it out its actually perfect for the warmer months also}

{7} Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey
{The perfect pink with staying power}

What are your current favorite lip products and colours for spring and summer? Do tell...
Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for reading!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Skull it pearl

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday!

Lately I have been obsessing over anything skull printed! Correction: I have always loved anything with a skull print such as tops, scarfs, necklaces and a print that is feminine. When I saw this top with the skull made out of pearls I had to have it!! Who say's wearing skull printed tee's are just a punk thing?

Today's Makeup!

{1} MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural 
 {Dusted this all over my face and down my neck}

{2} MAC Studio Finish SPF 30 Concealer
{To conceal any redness or blemishes}

{3} Revlon Brow Fantasy 

{4} Nars Laguna Bronzer

{5} Urban Decay Naked Palette
{Dusted the colour Virgin all over the lid/ under the brow bone and in the inner corner of the eye. I then applied Buck in my crease and then added Darkhorse in the outer corner of the eye}

{6} L'Oreal Voluminous False Lashes Mascara

{7} CoverGirl Lipperfection Gloss Balm in Berry Twist 

Thanks for reading!!